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Bath Revisited

Dearest reader,

It has come to this writer's attention that Miss Abayomi was spotted in the great city of Bath this summer. This is the first - and only - time a member of the ton has been able to allude my attention. However, the secrecy of the affair (possibly a poor choice of words) has made this writer wonder what Miss Abayomi was desperately trying to hide. I have it on good word that she was spotted on many an occasion dining out with mysterious dinner guests. Patience, dear readers, it will not take long to uncover the events that occurred that weekend. As I always promise, all secrets of the ton shall be revealed...

- Lady Whistledown

As you can tell from the title of this post, I went to Bath… again! If you follow me on Instagram (@diaryofahopefulcook), then you’ll know that last August I went to Bath for the very first time. I photo dumped some of the things that I ate last year onto my Insta feed but realised I hadn’t written a blog post. Therefore, this is my in-depth review of both my trips and hopefully your inspired to visit the city as well!


On both my trips, I stayed at the Hotel Indigo Bath which is smack dab in the city centre. It also has an adjoining restaurant called The Elder which offers a fine dining menu in a fairly relaxed setting. I chose not to have dinner at the restaurant purely because I’m not the biggest fan of fine dining. Okay, that is not entirely true. I feel like I can enjoy fine dining but most of the time, the menu items just feel really out of my comfort zone and I would hate to spend all that money on something I may not enjoy. However, I’m always open to new experience as long as someone else willing to pay for it! Regardless, The Elder does have good reviews online so if you are looking for a fancy dinner out, it is worth a try.

In terms of the hotel itself, I absolutely love it! It is a four-star boutique hotel in the city centre so it is… not cheap. However, the price is justified by what you get. The rooms are well designed, the beds are super comfortable and the service is impeccable. When I arrived last week, they had even put chocolates on a pillow and written a postcard thanking me for staying with them for a second time. I like little things like that as it shows they pay attention to their guests. I also must note that as a disabled guest who needs an adapted bathroom, the bathroom layout was well thought out. It was easy to manoeuvre my wheelchair in the bathroom and bedroom which is something I always recognise because hotels have a nasty habit of putting tables or chairs in places that basically trap me to one side of the bedroom.

If this hotel is a little bit out of your budget, there is a Premier Inn and Travelodge also in the city centre along with a bunch of bed and breakfasts. I do recommend staying in the city centre though because a lot of the tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other so no travel costs. However, if you are planning to stay away, there are a number of buses that pass through city centre.

boutique hotel room bed


Bath is an amazing city with amazing food. Period.

I ate so much food. Not because I have a food blog and have to try as much as possible but because there was so much food that was tempting to try. When you walk down from the main high street, you enter Westgate and in every direction there are restaurants and takeaways all of which look so appetising. My rule has always been to pick the place that has a lot of locals but the issue was that every establishment looked like they had a lot of locals. I’m not going to lie, it was hard to pick places but I did my best and here’s a quick rundown of everything that I ate.

The Elder

I didn’t lie about what I said before – I’m not the biggest fan of fine dining place, however as part of my hotel stay, breakfast was included and it was served in The Elder. The breakfast was decent. They had quite a few options for cooked breakfasts ranging from avocado on toast with poached eggs to a full English breakfast. The continental buffet a was okay. I’m grateful to the staff because they were really accommodating when I kept asking for my croissants and Belgian waffles to be heated because I like them warm. They also didn’t mind if you ordered off menu and asked for random components on a plate. Do I think it is expensive? Absolutely. The breakfast comes to £20 per person. Is it worth the price? Questionable. Therefore, if breakfast isn’t included in your stay, there are a bunch of places that serve branch in the city centre for a more reasonable price.


Best. Samosas. Ever. I said this last year and I will say it again – I have never had real samosas until I had them here. The pastry is super crispy and thin. You can properly hear the crunch when you take a bite out of it and it is the most satisfying sound to me. The filling is potato-based and is beautifully spiced. There are cumin seeds and chili powder and it is the perfect level of heat. They also do falafel wraps which are equally as good. The wraps have salad and mango chutney and are a decent size which is great if you are feeling particularly hungry at lunchtime. The takeaway is really unassuming as it is a little hole-in-the-wall but you would be missing out if you didn’t give them a go.

The Scallop & Shell

There was no way I was going to Bath and not having fish and chips at least once. The Scallop and Shell has amazing seafood and probably the best fish and chips I’ve had. The prices are a bit steep if you were to compare them to your regular fish and chip shop down the road. However, what this restaurant does is remind you how good a dish could be if you put in a little bit of effort. The batter is extremely thin and crispy – there was not a single soggy patch on my fish. The chips are well cooked and seasoned with a super tangy tartar sauce on the side. I really dislike mushy peas so that got pushed aside relatively quickly but I’m sure it will taste good to someone who likes them. The biggest stand out, however, was how well cooked the fish was. It was flaky and juicy and everything you want in fried fish. I strongly recommend eating here!

Swipe Right for more!

Green Park Brasserie

This restaurant did not do it for me. I checked the website before I visited and the energy it gave was relaxed-gastropub that has live music. In my head I was thinking super elevated Wetherspoon’s with a decent band. However, when I got there it was a lot more refined with live jazz. Not a problem – I just wish that I had worn a nicer dress as opposed to a baggy T-shirt and jeans. The menu is limited but I would prefer the chef cooked a few things well, rather than many things poorly. However, the food wasn’t very good. I ordered a cheeseburger cooked well done and my mum got the tuna special. My burger was burnt and my mum’s dish was minuscule. Literally a thin piece of tuna steak, a couple of baby potatoes in a ladleful of lobster bisque – for £24.95. We ended up in Las Iguanas afterwards because we weren’t satisfied. I should note that we spent the same amount at this restaurant as we did at The Scallop & Shell but the quality was very different. Just reminds you that high price doesn’t always mean high quality.

double cheese burger chips green park brassiere

Mrs Potts Chocolate House

Every food blog raves on about Mrs Potts so visiting here was inevitable. I ordered a chocolate fudge brownie sundae and it was the most indulgent thing I had whilst in Bath. They put A LOT of chocolate sauce in that sundae with a healthy amount of warm, gooey fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Then more chocolate sauce which sets solid when it hits the cold ice cream. I loved this sundae. Mainly because the hard chocolate with the ice cream felt like I was eating a Magnum. The chocolate is really nice and who doesn’t love a warm brownie... at 1pm... instead of having a proper lunch?

mrs potts chocolate fudge brownie ice cream sundae

Landrace Bakery

A 12 minute walk from the main shopping centre. I went there on a whim because I saw some photos on Instagram and it was well worth it. I had a cinnamon roll as well as a cardamom roll and they were really yummy. Perfect for a mid-afternoon snack with coffee while sitting in one of the many parks on offer in Bath.

landrace bakery cinnamon roll bun
Photo credit: Landrace Bakery

Pulteney Bridge Bakehouse

I’m not sure whether all the baked goods in this café were made in-store. I’m pretty sure I saw the same window display elsewhere in Bath. However, the cakes are still very tasty. I ordered the almond and apple cake slice as well as a lemon drizzle. Both were moist and tender and perfect with a cup of tea - especially after a mediocre and expensive burnt cheeseburger.

I did eat at a few other places in Bath but they weren’t anything to write home about. If you do visit Bath, I do recommend just walking around and seeing what’s on offer. I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone and if you’re lucky you might find a hidden gem!


To be honest, Bath is a really good city for just walking around. It is picturesque and if you’re into architecture, you will love looking at all the old Georgian style buildings (I think it’s Georgian?). I did a few tourist attractions as I felt like it would be a wasted trip if I didn’t. Bath Abbey is absolutely stunning and I learnt a lot about Bath’s history in the Roman Bath exhibit. As someone who is obsessed with all things Bridgerton, I went to The Crescent in order to find Penelope Featherington’s house and toured one of the old Georgian houses in No.1 Crescent. If you are disabled, a lot of the attractions are accessible (although the Roman Bath does have uneven flooring when you get to the poolside) and you can get a free carer for most of the attractions.

Overall, I love Bath. I have friends who live down that way so hopefully I’ll be able to visit the city again. If you do go, please let me know in the comments below. And if you live there, please let me know if there were any gems that I missed!

See you in the next post

Mary xx


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