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A Belated Welcome to 2023!

Happy 2023 everyone!

This is officially the last Sunday where I can wish you all a Happy New Year and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. On the other hand, how on Earth is it already the end of January? I feel like the days go by so quickly and it’ll be Christmas before you know it!

Speaking of Christmas, here are some photos of our Christmas dinner. As mentioned on Instagram, the traditional turkey was abandoned for braised beef short ribs. I was not the biggest supporter and I stand by my opinion – Christmas requires turkey. Anything else is just wrong. I also find beef ribs way to fatty for my taste. I did my best to render out all that fat but it felt like the rib was mainly fat and hardly any meat. The highlight of the meal was the crispy macaroni and cheese and I tip my hat to Gordon Ramsey for the recipe. Ended the day with a gingerbread pear cake recipe from Jamie Oliver which I seriously over-baked but tasted okay. All in all, it was a good meal but not my best work.

I have been fairly quiet on my social media for a while this year but for good reason. I tend to hate Instagram in January as my feed is full of people on their ‘New Year, New Me’ diets which I’m so tired of seeing. I honestly believe in starting afresh in the New Year’s but I think you need to make more gradual changes to your diet for it stick. Going from eating solely meat and carbs to strict veganism overnight is a literal shock to the system and I don’t see the point. But to anyone who has completed their Veganuary, Dry Jan or whichever-anuary there is, I give you my congratulations. You have more resolution than me.

Saying that, I am determined to eat better and move better this year but I like to start in February. The weather is warmer, gym clothes start going on sale and all the healthy food is likely to not be sold out in stores. I have no real plan on how I’m going to do this. I think my only rule would be to try and eat less processed foods and cook more at home. This does mean less desserts in restaurants but if I’m craving I can always make it at home. The hardest part might be staying active. A lot of what I do requires me to be sat at a desk plus I am a wheelchair user so nothing in my life forces me to have to move around. Nevertheless, I have found some seated cardio workouts online that I really like so I’ll have to drag myself out of bed at 7am to do them (#prayforme).

I have no resolutions for 2023 but I plan on cooking everything in at least one of my cookbooks. At present, I think the National Trust’s guide to baking is my best bet. I do love to make bread and I’d learn a bunch of new techniques. If you want regular updates, follow me on my Instagram!

I think that is everything for my first post of the year. What’s your January been like? Let me know in the comments below :D

Speak soon,



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