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1,2,3,4,5, my name is Mary & I say, hi!

I honestly dislike having to write descriptions of myself. I could tell you that I'm 26 or that I have lived in the UK all of my life but honestly that's a bit boring.

Instead, here are some (slightly) random 'This or That' questions that shed some light on who I am:

Marvel or DC?

DC for sure. They have way better villains than Marvel could ever dream of. Also, lets not forget the Dark Knight Trilogy which had BOTH Heath Ledger as Joker and Tom Hardy as Bane (*chefs kiss*)

Sweet or savoury?

Sweet. I have a sweet tooth but I have gotten better in recent years to make sure my desserts don't just take like sugar. My favourite flavour profiles tend to be sweet/spiced - think Chai Masala Milkshakes or Chili Chocolate cookies.

Friday night out or Friday night in?

I lean more towards staying in but that is only so I can avoid clubbing. Crowded, sweaty clubs with drunk strangers wrongly assuming they can touch me is not my idea of fun. However, if we are talking about going literally anywhere else with decent food and some games, I'm down!

Books or films?

Books. All day, everyday. My dream one day is to have a house with its own personal library. 45% of the library will be cookery/foodie books. The rest will most likely be murder mystery novels with the occasional romantic drama for some balance. 

And that's me! I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. 

Mary xx

Oh and by the way if you accurately guessed the above title is a reference to Bring it On: All or Nothing, congratulations - we can be friends! If you have zero clue to what I'm referring to, we can still be friends but I will make you watch every single film. 

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